Best Desi Ghee (देसी घी) in India

 Desi Ghee 2022 : Its Benefits And Different Brands

Desi Ghee (देसी घी) is the most favorite Indian kitchen household. It has extensively been used in India since Vedic times. It is defined as clarified milk fat that is prepared from buffalo or cow milk. Desi Cow Ghee (गाय का देसी घी) is the richest source of milk fat of all dairy products in India. In addition, there are also fat-soluble vitamins in ghee, such as Vitamin A and D. It is the part of any dish and every mother trusts it completely. It should be a part of your daily diet.

Desi Ghee

Most people take it as an ancient remedy to treat cough, cold, and dry skin. However, several people think that it is a source of fat that can make them look obese. There is a myth about fats. Of course, ghee has fats, but they are saturated ones and these saturated fats are actually good for your health. Cow Ghee or buffalo ghee has many benefits to offer. 



If you are crazy about desi ghee and cannot swallow a bite without it then you must buy DIVYA KAMDHENU A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee at least once. This desi ghee can help you with skin, bone health, brain health, anti-oxidants, weight control, for eyes and digestion. Pregnant ladies and growing kids will find it beneficial as it is loaded with variety of vitamins, anti-oxidants and several other nutrients. When you buy DIVYA KAMDHENU A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee you are buying yourself complete health oriented pure ghee. Desi ghee is essential for your immunity boost as well.

VEDIC GHEE Kesariya Farm

Similar to its name this desi ghee churned with hands and this is why you get the mouth watering traditional taste of desi ghee with every bite of it. It is also having high nutritional value   and is totally natural and vegetarian product. It is a balanced diet that helps you with physical and mental strength.  It keeps your body healthy and active. It is so delicious and pure that if you are a first time consumer you will not like any other desi ghee. It is pure and free from any hazardous element.  You get is pure desi ghee (देसी घी) with Vedic ghee.

Two Brothers Organic Farms A2 Cultured Ghee

There are no fillers or added colors used in making Gowardhan Ghee and this is why it is among the best selling desi ghee in India. It is also free from bad fat and that is why it becomes a healthy option. If you are among the Indian homes where desi ghee is everyday necessity and you looking to change your ghee then A2 is the best option to look for. Consuming it will increase the quantity of good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol. Its nutty flavor sets it apart from other brands like Amul ghee and others.

Umanac Organic Cow Ghee

It is a hundred percent Pure Desi Cow Ghee made using traditional method that preserves its well known desi ghee taste. It is securely packed so that its nutrition’s and taste is kept preserved. It is also used in making Ayurvedic medications because of its purity and nutritional value.  It is sugar free, zero carbs, no sugar and salt and this is why it is also suitable for low carb diets and ketogenic diets. It is among the best desi ghee brands in India and must to taste diary product. You can easily buy it from Amazon or diary shop. It is an amazing product for your health including kids and elderly. It is a certified product with no harsh chemicals and is ideal for your everyday consumption.

Amul Ghee

It is one of the renowned brands of desi ghee in India. Many people choose this brand because of higher quality standards and cheaper prices. Amul Ghee is prepared from fresh cream and offers a granular texture and rich aroma. It is known as the ethnic product that is made by diaries having decades of experience. This ghee is ideal for garnishing, cooking, and making sweets. When you add Amul Ghee to your meals, it will give a delectable taste and aroma that will make foods more appealing. This desi ghee provides vitamins like A, D, E, and K, as well as some vital elements that help in the production of energy along with better vitality and immunity to the body. One spoon of Amul Ghee will make your body fit and healthy while adding enhanced complexion and tone to the skin. 

Gowardhan Ghee

If you are consuming quality ghee like Gowardhan Ghee then you are going to enjoy multiple health benefits from good digestion to healthy skin and even protection from bacteria and viruses.  It is due to the fact that desi ghee is loaded with vitamins that also improves eyesight and keeps tendons and muscles healthy. Gowardhan cow ghee has rich aroma, soft texture and is delicious in taste and very popular in Indian kitchens. The shelf life of the product is twelve months which is pretty long.  The brand produce ghee in morden diary plant using traditional recipe of making cow ghee to preserve its well known aroma and flavor.

Let’s check them:

Source of Essential Fatty Acids

Desi ghee is enriched with a variety of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, 6, and 9. This means that it helps the body to function well because of the properties of fatty acids. In case of deficiency of these fatty acids, it may lead to poor brain performance and other health disorders. As our body is not capable of producing such fatty acids, this is why we need to complete the regular intake via dietary sources like desi ghee.

Minimizes Acne

Ghee like Gir Cow Ghee has antibacterial properties, due to which, it is a great source of Vitamin A. it serves as an anti-acne remedy. It works by preventing acne and regulating skin oil. With its regular use, it will make the skin more clear with a brighter complexion.

Useful for Dry Hairs and Skin

It can add moisture to the skin as well as hair. With its daily application, you can get rid of dry or itchy scalp and skin.

Improves Digestive System

The presence of butyric acid in ghee makes it a better option if you have low digestion. By just adding it to your meals daily, you can deal with indigestion, bloating, and inflammation.

Enhances Bone Health

As desi ghee also contains Vitamin K2 that is not easily found in other food items, it can help the body to ensure proper growth of the bones. It also aids in health conditions such as osteoporosis.

Promotes Weight Loss

Omega 3 like fatty acids is present in desi ghee that mobilizes fat cells to yield energy. This is where it is going to improve weight loss. Sometimes, obese people avoid having desi ghee because they think it may make them fattier. But this is not the right thing. Desi ghee is a suitable option when you are thinking of weight loss. 

Better Immunity

There are different compounds present in Desighee like Amul Ghee that supports the ability of the body to let nutrients absorbed completely. It assists in boosting immunity and make you free from diseases.

Treats Cancer Cells

Desi ghee includes CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is a potent antioxidant agent and can combat against inflammatory elements. This is why cancer cells will be going to get self-destructed.

Better for Cough and Cold

It is good for those who are suffering from severe congestion in the nose. All you need to do is to put 4 to 5 drops of warm desi ghee and after that, you will really feel good. Use it for at least one month and it will support you in cough and cold. 

Due to such benefits, desi ghee should be taken regularly and make it a part of your normal diet. There are two types of desi ghee such as cow ghee and buffalo ghee. One can choose any type of desi ghee. Today, there are many brands of desi ghee available in the market. You can select the best and affordable brand that gives you Pure Ghee of high quality.

Gir Cow Ghee

Dairy products like pure cow milk, butter, buttermilk and ghee often makes our mouth watering , but many stay away from them due to some concerns like gaining weight. Well, this is not correct if you are consuming pure Gir cow ghee. It is a pure desi cow ghee obtained from Gir cows found in the several regions and districts of Gujarat. it posses several health benefits.  you will be shocked to know its unique benefits like it makes your voice soft and melodies. It is smooth, delicious in eating, offers complete nutrition and because of all these properties it is an excellent feed for your health. this ghee is not having a single proportion of bad cholesterol. It includes omega -3, vitamin D, E and A2. Well, if you are suffering from heart disease then it is recommended not to consume any ghee as it leads to blockage.

A2 Cow Ghee

There are many different varieties of desi ghee available in the market right now, but still you can get the excellent one. A2 cow ghee is among the purest desi ghee because it is made through the traditional technique of bilona which means curd is churned into ghee.  It is among the most nutrition ghee and is suitable for all age groups. The best part is that there are many amazing benefits of this ghee and this is why it has to be on your kitchen shelf. It boosts immunity, improves digestion, treats dry skin, inflammation and burns, it never release any toxic fume incase it is come-on high temperatures and much more is there about to know about this desi ghee.

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Best Desi Ghee in India

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